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Why It Works

Experience the future of your online storefront - now

Take the next leap forward with LUFT. Quickly build customer experiences with your brand, more cost-effectively


Next-gen experiences

Speed-to-market for your brands

Reduced COCA and TCO

Discover how LUFT unlocks the future of your online storefront

The ecommerce solution for next-gen experiences

Create immersive digital interactions that demand attention. Use rich functionality, including geo-location, AR, mobile notifications and more to make lasting brand impressions.

Increase engagement and retention with rapid page load speeds, zero app downloads, and a seamless user experience across devices. Additionally, smart caching enables shoppers to connect with your ecommerce website at any time with offline access. LUFT serves up next-gen digital experiences to keep customers visiting and returning.

Speed-to-market for your brands

Build once, deploy anywhere. Set up PWA sites, experiment, and adjust to customer needs rapidly. Developers work with one modular codebase to go live faster. Minimise development time with one PWA front-end for consistent mobile, desktop, kiosk and other mediums.

Whether you have one or several brands on different ecommerce platforms, LUFT provides a cloud-based platform to manage consistent, rapid online storefront deployments.


Reach customers faster. LUFT dramatically accelerates start-up time, so you can launch and build your online presence sooner.

Reduced COCA and TCO

Keep your cost of customer acquisition (COCA) and total cost of ownership (TCO) down. Sell faster, convert and retain customers with immersive user experiences and reduced development time and costs.

LUFT also employs a seamless update process, so there's no downtime or broken functionality costing your business with each update.


Scale quickly without additional cost. No matter how fast your customer base grows, your site gives the same consistent experience without additional performance tiers or plan upgrades.

Take the next leap for your brand and storefront. Start with instant access and your guided demo

LUFT PWA benefits

LUFT is the next-gen technology that unlocks the future of digital experiences now

LUFT is a 100% agnostic headless PWA (progressive web app) platform. The headless commerce approach separates front-end design and back-end infrastructure, enabling best-of-breed ecommerce ecosystems.

Connect your back-end CMS, ecommerce platforms, and business tools seamlessly via API – no need to replace your existing tech stack.

Extensive developer support and a modular design cut down development effort. LUFT is built on React, the most popular library for building user interfaces with a continually growing ecosystem.

Experience the future of your online storefront - now

Instant access

You'll gain instant access to the LUFT PWA platform

Value from your demo

A PWA expert will arrange a guided demo and help answer any questions

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