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Deliver the future of commerce to your clients – now

LUFT is the next-gen PWA headless technology that transforms clients’ online offerings


Empower your developers

Future-focused PWA app technology

A flexible, scalable solution for clients

Find out how LUFT is bringing the next generation of headless ecommerce to clients

Empower your developers

Make your developers more efficient and cut down the learning curve. LUFT is built on React, the most popular library for building user interfaces with a continually growing ecosystem and community.

LUFT empowers development teams to work more efficiently with modules that are independent and reusable. Developers can break down complex components and reuse code to expedite project delivery - and work in parallel without affecting other code.

Increase efficiency with one cloud-based platform to manage developers, codebases, environments and changes. LUFT brings a better way to manage development workflows.

Future-focused PWA app technology

LUFT uses the same approach as the MACH Alliance (Microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless), widely regarded as the future of online commerce. MACH is a modular architecture that supports flexibility and best-of-breed ecosystems.

Delight clients with next-gen digital experiences that create lasting brand impressions. Rich functionality, including geo-location, AR, mobile notifications and more create engagement with shoppers. Pages load in under a second, and smart caching enables shoppers to connect with client stores at any time with offline access.

Help clients transform their online offering with the future of headless ecommerce.

A flexible, scalable solution for clients

Give clients increased flexibility. LUFT connects to clients’ back-end CMS, commerce platform, and business tools seamlessly via API. So whether clients keep their existing tech stack or evolve their ecosystem, LUFT remains their consistent ecommerce front-end.

LUFT instantly scales to meet clients’ growth. Regardless of peak shopping periods, the PWA front-end delivers the same, consistent experience for clients and their shoppers. The seamless update process of LUFT also means clients have zero downtime, so they can focus on further scaling up their online presence.

See first-hand how LUFT can unleash the power of headless commerce for your organisation. Start with full access in your  60-day trial  and guided demo

Delivering the future of commerce for you and your clients

Implement cutting-edge technology that your clients will love. LUFT creates consistent, immersive interactions across devices while bringing speed and unparalleled experiences to clients’ shoppers.

LUFT lets you build once and deploy everywhere. One modular codebase keeps consistency across devices and speeds up project lifecycles. Take PWA sites live in days, experiment, and adjust to help clients continually provide memorable shopping experiences.

Give clients peace of mind with security and speed. LUFT employs enterprise-level security with PCI DSS compliance and 24x7 support. The LUFT Edge Network also serves content from its global cloud-based network 7x faster than regular cloud delivery.

Deliver the future of commerce to your clients - now

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