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How It Works

Unleash the power of PWA headless commerce

LUFT is the flexible, efficient technology for the future of ecommerce

Future-focused technology

Release and enhancement speed

Optimised for efficient development

Find out how LUFT is enabling the next generation of headless commerce

Future-focused PWA app technology

Choose a leading codebase for longevity and easier resourcing. LUFT is built on React, the most popular library for building user interfaces and designed for ecommerce. It's a cutting-edge technology with a continually growing ecosystem and broad community support.

Create the infrastructure that supports your current and future needs. LUFT is an agnostic PWA headless front-end that connects via API to your back-end CMS, commerce platform, and business tools. If systems change or evolve, LUFT will continue supporting a best-of-breed approach.


Equip users with familiar mobile experiences while unlocking future-focused technology. LUFT is installable on home screens and enables push notifications for iOS and Android devices.

Release and enhancement speed

Accelerate your speed-to-market. The LUFT reference app dramatically reduces start-up time and makes launching PWA sites incredibly fast.


Adapt quickly to customer needs and user interface requirements. LUFT components can be developed, tested, and launched without affecting other code.

Cut down release times for new sites, experiments, and enhancements. LUFT gives your team a straightforward cloud platform to effectively manage environments and development workflows.

Optimised for efficient development

Empower your development team to work more efficiently. LUFT provides full environment control, optimised for all devices. Code once, deploy consistently across Android, iOS, desktop, kiosks, and more.

Have developers working in parallel with independent and reusable React JS components built for ecommerce. The modular architecture of LUFT allows your team to break down complex components and reuse code to speed up project delivery.


LUFT provides the cloud platform for efficient development workflow and the front-end for rapid, consistent deployment across devices.

See first-hand how LUFT can unleash the power of headless commerce for your organisation. Start with full access in your  60-day trial  and guided demo

LUFT is a  cloud-native  PWA with enterprise security

See boosted performance for your ecommerce site. The LUFT Edge Network is a global cloud-based network that brings unparalleled shopping experiences for users. Front-end content is presented 7x faster than regular cloud delivery.

LUFT lets you build once and deploy everywhere. Minimise development time with one modular codebase that keeps consistency across mobile, desktop, kiosk and other mediums. Take PWA sites live in days, experiment, and adjust to customer needs rapidly.

Gain added security. LUFT delivers enterprise-level security and PCI and DSS compliance with 24x7 support.

Unleash the power of next-generation PWA headless commerce

Instant access

You'll gain instant access to the LUFT PWA platform

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A PWA expert will arrange a guided demo and help answer any questions

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